Checklist Items for traveling to Kenya in 2019

August 13, 2019

Traveling to Kenya is full of fun and adventure, especially when you travel with a friend. Before you leave for Kenya, you will need to have some items with you to make your tour even better and and safe.

For legal purposes, before you travel to Kenya, make sure you have:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Arrival Ticket
  3. Visa (if required)
  4. Return Ticket
  5. Adequate Funds

What do you need to pack for your travel to Kenya?

According to what you intend to do, here is a list of basics you would need while traveling.

  • Camera
  • Basic essentials
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and casual clothes (if you are on a safari, neutral is best, bright and bold is not)
  • Comfortable and strong shoes or boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Formal / Occasional wear (depending on your reason for travel)
  • Sunglasses (and a spare pair)
  • Flashlight (for exploration)
  • Video camera and accessories
  • Binoculars
  • Credit / Debit cards
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Brimmed hat

Remember that Kenya has a tropical climate. You should prepare yourself for a wide variety of conditions that may include dust, and wet, hot and/or cool weather. Prepare accordingly with regard to your reason of travel and the activities you intend to participate in. Here are some best places to visit while in Kenya.

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